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Lacrosse should be fun for players, coaches and parents.
The Sting Lacrosse (and our high school partners: Titans, Snipers & Bobcats) believes that girls and boys should develop skills and a love for the game of box lacrosse while also learning the value of sportsmanship. 
To enable the athletes who wish to play lacrosse under the Sting (including Titans, Snipers and Bobcats) philosophy of a positive experience, learn to play and love the game and to nurture within them a sense of respect for others, The Sting would like to offer some guidelines for players, coaches and parents.

  1. “RESPECT" lacrosse. Display good sportsmanship at all times on and off the rink. Set a positive example.
  2. RESPECT your teammates, coaches, referees and opponents at all times, even when others do not. Coaches and referees give their time for your benefit and should be respected.
  3. Give 100% effort at each practice and game.
  4. Support and encourage your teammates. Players should understand that lacrosse is a team game, and they should strive to be "team players."
  5. Know the rules of box lacrosse and abide by them.
  6. Wear the required equipment at all games and practices, and keep your equipment well maintained.
  7. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; that is part of learning.
  8. Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  9. Obscene language or gestures will not be tolerated.
  10. Learn from your coaches; practice hard; play smart; Have Fun! 
CoachesThe Sting firmly believes that athletes learn valuable lessons by watching the behaviors and attitudes of their coaches.
  1. RESPECT lacrosse. Teach and practice good sportsmanship at all games and practices. You are role models!
  2. A coach is a role model, who must act with the highest moral character possible.
  3. Coaches must reinforce the self image of each player. A coach must be positive and constructive.
  4. Respect lacrosse. Respect the officials.
  5. Teach the rules of box lacrosse. Abide by those rules in practices and games.
  6. Establish objectives for the team and players and inform them of team and individual goals.
  7. Focus on skill development and love of the game and wins will follow. 
  8. Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  9. Obscene language or gestures will not be tolerated.
Parents- The Sting firmly believes that young athletes learn valuable lessons by watching the behaviors and attitudes of adults.
  1. RESPECT lacrosse. Teach and practice good sportsmanship at all times. You are role models!
  2. Know the rules of the game of box lacrosse. (They are different than field lacrosse)
  3. Respect lacrosse. Respect the officials. Respect the coaches, who give their time for the benefit of the athletes.
  4. Do not coach your child. Let players play and coaches coach, and support both positively.
  5. Emphasize the FUN of the game and the team, putting forth effort at all times, not wins and losses.  
  6. Never criticize players regardless of the circumstance.
  7. Follow the "24 Hour Rule"; if you have a complaint resulting from a game (or practice) situation, speak with the coach on the following day.
  8. If there is a serious problem, notify the Sting Lacrosse board via
  1. Any conduct, including abusive language and/ or gestures, hitting, racially insensitive remarks, damage to property or belongings, or any other conduct that reflects poorly on yourself or Sting Lacrosse (including Titans, Snipers and Bobcats) is deemed to be unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This rule applies to all players, parents, coaches, siblings and guests at all times when in or around games or practices as a member of Sting Lacrosse.
  2. Disruptive behavior which impacts a coach's ability to coach, a player's ability to learn/play or a referees ability to officiate a game will result in removal from the practice or game.  Should a coach, parent or player feel that another participant is causing disruption - please email  If the board feels that the player/parent/coach has continued to be disruptive, even after the player/parent/coach has been warned shall in further discipline by the Board of Directors as explained below.
  3. During a tournament or game when you are away, you represent the both your city and the Sting program. Any conduct such as destruction of property, consumption of drugs or alcohol, shoplifting, or any other such activity will not be tolerated. This rule applies for the entire time one is away for a game or tournament.
  4. Bullying in any capacity will not be tolerated.
The Board of Directors of the Sting Lacrosse will deal with unacceptable conduct at its sole discretion, imposing warnings, suspension or expulsion, as it deems appropriate. ANY SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION BASED ON VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT WILL NOT BE ACCOMPANIED BY A REFUND.

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